Welcome to MeJuice, the very first organic cold pressed juice company in Bangkok since 2013. We are here to help you feel awesome through the power of fresh, nutritious juices and smoothies made with 100% real fruits and vegetables.

At MeJuice, we obsess over the details to guarantee top quality, taste, and deliciousness in every bottle. Our cold press method preserves the natural flavor and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables we use, and we source all of our ingredients from local, organic farms.

Looking for a convenient way to get your daily dose of vitamins or start a cleanse program? We offer delivery straight to your door, so you can enjoy our juices anytime, anywhere. We also supply our juices to hotels and events, so you can share the goodness with your guests.

Experience the taste and health benefits of organic, cold pressed fruits and vegetables with MeJuice. Order now and start your journey to feeling awesome.